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Leave No Trace

Tom (Thomasin McKenzie) and her dad (Ben Foster) are living off the grid in the forest outside of Portland. Perfectly content in their forest idyll, they spend their days foraging, playing chess, and with Tom’s schooling. When their camp is found by the rangers though, their lives are turned upside down as the two are brought into the system, and placed in a home. After struggling to adjust to their new lives, the two make an escape back into the wilds of the forest, only to meet with more difficulties.

Shot in the forests of Oregon, this character driven movie is breathtakingly beautiful. Tom and Will are portrayed very well as they struggle to make sense of their situation, and the difficult decisions they each must make. Based on the book My Abandonment by Peter Rock. Rated PG.


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Tomb Raider

Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) is just wandering through life. Her father has been missing for seven years and the time has come to declare him dead. But before Lara does, she discovers a secret chamber at her father’s estate. It leads her on a quest to find the answers to her father’s disappearance. Of course, it isn’t smooth sailing and Lara ends up on an island in the middle of nowhere. Soon she is trying to escape with her life. But will she find the answers she is looking for before it is too late?

Having never played the video games but having seen the other two Lara Croft movies starring Angelina Jolie, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I really liked this reboot of the series. It was action-packed and kept me interested in the storyline. Also starring, Dominic West, Walton Goggins, Daniel Wu, and Kristin Scott Thomas. Rated PG-13

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Ghost Stories

Phillip Goodman debunks acts of paranormal occurrences. He is contacted by his hero, the original debunker, Charles Cameron. But the weird thing is he has been missing. When Phillip meets with him, Charles has three files of people who have contacted him with their paranormal encounters. He can’t figure out how they can be proven fake and needs Phillip’s help. Phillip agrees and meets with the three different people and listens to their stories. But all isn’t as it seems. And Phillip begins to see a connection to his own life and trauma he has experienced.

This was not what I was expecting. It was good but some parts were a little slow moving. I did jump a couple of times. I liked how it all came together in the end. It keeps your interest and has just enough scary parts. Not Rated

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You Were Never Really Here

Joe (Joaquin Phoenix), a Gulf War veteran, is no stranger to violence. Now in civilian life, his role tracking down missing girls often requires it. The traumas of his war experience are threatening to take Joe’s mind over as he takes on a high profile case and uncovers a conspiracy, leaving him in a very precarious place. Trying desperately to outrun his memories, Joe will do whatever it takes to try and save Nina, the 13-year-old daughter of a New York senator.

This isn’t an easy movie to watch. It took me awhile to get into the movie because at first it was hard to follow, almost more like a play than a movie. Artistically, it’s very well done, and Phoenix does an amazing portrayal of a traumatized veteran. We’re brought inside of Joe’s hallucinations, and the brutality of them is painful to watch, which I guess is point of it. Joe’s life is brutal, inside and out, and as hard as he tries to run from it he can’t, so he tries to do what good he can while trying to excise his demons. Rated R.

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Sherlock Gnomes

Gnomeo (James McAvoy) and Juliet (Emily Blunt) are back in a new adventure. The garden gnomes have been moved to London and are excited for their new city. But before they can settle in, they are all kidnapped except Gnomeo and Juliet. Now they have hooked up with Sherlock Gnomes (Johnny Depp) and Dr. Watson (Chiwetel Ejiofor), who believe this is the work of Moriarty. Together they track down the clues to find their family and friends. But is it really Moriarty or the work of someone else?

This was another cute gnome movie. I did like Gnomeo and Juliet a little better but still really enjoyed this one. Also starring the voices of Ashley Jensen, Michael Caine, Julie Walters, Maggie Smith, and Mary J. Blige. Rated PG

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Davis (Dwayne Johnson) works with primates in San Diego. He is especially tight with George, an albino ape, he rescued as a baby. One night a container falls from the sky. George comes across it and gets sprayed in the face with a mist. The next day Davis comes to work and finds George in the grizzly bears area. One grizzly is dead and George is a mess. He is also way bigger than he was the day before. The government shows up and takes George. But George is being called to Chicago. And George isn’t the only one. Can he be stopped?

This movie was action packed and entertaining. I really liked it especially with The Rock in it! also starring, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Naomie Harris, Malin Ackerman, and Joe Manganiello. Rated PG-13

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Claire Foy (The Crown) plays Sawyer Valentini, a young woman who is starting over in a new city but is having problems adjusting. She decides to see a counselor on her lunch break. She feels better after speaking to someone and signs some paperwork the therapist says is just their standard, boilerplate documents. She is waiting in the lobby to book her next appointment when she is called in back.

The next thing she knows, she is told that she voluntarily signed herself into a psychiatric ward. They took her phone and purse but allow her one phone call. She calls the police, who don’t take her seriously, since they receive those types of phone calls regularly.

She has no choice but to wait out her time, but her behavior gets her stay extended. One of the nurses that administers the medications is the man who was stalking her and the reason she left Boston. Of course, no one believes her. What will her stalker do her before she can get out (and if she can get out)?

This was pretty entertaining with a suspenseful plot to keep you interested throughout (plus an unexpected cameo). Recommended. Rated R