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All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Nicolette Farrell has returned home to help sell the house she grew up in. While there a local woman goes missing. This brings back the memories from when Nic’s best friend, Corinne, went missing ten years ago. As she is packing up the house, memories and new clues about Corinne come up. Could her dad have had something to do with the disappearance?

This is a short review because I don’t want to give anything away! I listened to this book and the way it is written it was a little confusing to follow. The author starts in the present but then goes to day fifteen of Nicolette’s visit and then goes backwards. It is a neat concept but it is probably better to read then to listen! This was a good mystery and one I recommend.

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Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Clay Jensen finds a box on his doorstep with his name on it. He cautiously opens it to find a bunch of audio cassettes inside. Confused he pulls them out and sees that they are labeled on each side with a number. Thirteen numbers in total. What he hears  when he plays them shocks him. Hannah Baker’s voice. Hannah had killed herself a couple of weeks ago. As she talks she explains that if you are listening to the tapes then you are one of the reasons why she did it.

Clay is shocked. He continues to listen and is told to follow the map that was included and that whoever is mentioned after him on the tapes is the next person who gets the tapes. If these instructions aren’t followed someone who is watching will know and release a second set of tapes to everyone. Clay ends up staying up all night wandering around town listening, waiting to hear his name. Because he has no idea why he is on the tapes. And he can’t believe what Hannah is revealing about their classmates.

This was a very difficult book. It had a lot of serious material like suicide, date rape, and bullying. And unfortunately it is very relevant in today’s schools. Netflix made it into a thirteen episode series. It has had a lot of backlash and support. Thirteen Reasons Why is the book you need to read especially if you have teenagers.

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Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra

A woman has been arrested for shoplifting at a grocery store. She tries to talk her way out of it but the police are called. There is no way she telling them her identity because there is no way she is going home. While she is trying to get out of this, she remembers the story of Rebecca Winter, the sixteen year old girl who went missing eleven years ago. This girl decides to try a see if she can convince them that she is Rebecca because they look a like. The next thing she knows, she is on her way to Rebecca’s house and family.

Rebecca’s family welcomes her and “Rebecca” knows that she can’t stay but she hasn’t had a family like this before and she loves it. Until she starts to notices that they seem a little off. She starts to investigate what really happened. But what she finds out shocks her. Will she be able to escape this situation she created?

This was a pretty good psychological thriller. I was surprised at the ending when it is revealed what really happened all those years ago. What a great start for this debut novel!

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Virtue Falls by Christina Dodd

Geologist Elizabeth Banner is back in her hometown of Virtue Falls. She left when she was four because her father killed her mother and went to prison. She is back to study the rocks, which was her father’s work. An earthquake unsettles the earth and produces bones, which turn out to be her mother’s. Her father is now living in a nursing facility because he has developed Alzheimer’s. Elizabeth starts to visit him and soon realizes that her father couldn’t have killed her mother.

Garick Jacobsen feels like he has nothing to live for. He has been suspended from the FBI, divorced, and all alone with his demons. Just when he is going to end it all, he hears about the earthquake and decides to go to Virtue Falls. That is where he is from, where his adopted mom is and his ex-wife, Elizabeth.

Once Garick gets there and finds everyone he cares about are fine, he agrees to help Elizabeth figure out who really killed her mother. He has never gotten over her and will do anything to help her and get her back. Elizabeth soon realizes how much she still loves Garick and wants him back. But first they need to find justice for Elizabeth’s family and find a killer.

I forgot how much I enjoy Christina Dodd’s books. This was another good romantic suspense one and the start of a new series.

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The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle

Iris believes that when she says goodbye to her husband Will as she leaves for work that it won’t be the last time.  He is leaving on a business trip to Orlando but will be back in a couple of days. While at work, a report of a flight crashing and killing everyone aboard is announced. Iris panics since the flight came out of the airport Will was at. But they soon find out it was a flight to Seattle. Iris is relieved until her mom calls and says that Will’s name was listed as one of the passengers.

Iris is devastated and confused.  And not convinced that he was really on that flight. But soon Iris starts to find out things about Will that she never knew. Like about a friend from the gym who seems to know an awful lot about Will, but Iris knows nothing about this guy. Then Iris finds out that Will lied about his past and wasn’t really from Tennessee but from Seattle. Iris decides to fly to Seattle to find out the truth. But she finds nothing but more lies and is even more confused. And she starts getting threaten texts. Iris doesn’t know what to believe anymore. But she needs to find the truth or it may cost her everything.

I really liked this book. It kept me guessing about what Iris would uncover next. This was my first book by Kimberly Belle and I will definitely check out her other two, The Last Breath and The Ones We Trust.

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Every Day by David Levithan

A wakes up in a new body every day. It started right from birth. As the years go by, A is always put in an age appropriate body. It can be male or female. A is able to access the person’s memories so it helps throughout the day. A is sixteen now and today wakes up in the body of Justin. He has a girlfriend but is kind of a jerk to her. When “Justin” meets Rhiannon for the first time, he falls in love. But of course it is doomed from the beginning. She thinks A is really Justin and tomorrow A will be in a new body.

After having the best day with Rhiannon, A wakes up in a new body. But he can’t stop thinking of Rhiannon. So A decides to tell her the truth. It takes some convincing but Rhiannon finally believes A. But there is someone else out there who remembers that A took over his body and he is determined to find out the truth. And A comes to realize that there are others out there just like A. Is there a way for A and Rhiannon to be together?

My nephew actually had me read this one and I am glad he did. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get all the answers but there is a follow up book , Another Day, from Rhiannon’s  point of view and maybe that will satisfy my questions. Overall, I really find this book interesting and enjoyed it.

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Heist by James Patterson and Ree Jones

It is morning. Right before the shops are going to open. Three people are sitting in a van. As they see a man approach carrying a bag, they jump out of the van and attack him. The man is carrying millions in diamonds. The trio have been playing this heist for weeks and everything is going as planned. Until two guys show up on motorcycles and try to rob them.

After the close call, the trio continue with their plan, to get to Amsterdam and exchange the diamonds for cash. But they have an aggressive cop after them plus the guys they stole the diamonds from. Will they be able to pull off this heist or will the plan go up in flames?

Another good, fast read from Patterson’s Bookshots. This one is actually in a book called Kill or Be Killed with three other Bookshot stories.