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Friend Request by Laura Marshall

Louise is just trying to live her life. She has a successful interior design business and a 4 year old son, Henry, who is her world. One day she receives a friend request on Facebook from Maria Weston. The only problem is Maria has been dead since 1989, twenty-seven years ago. Louis is freaked out because there is more to the story of Maria’s death than she has ever told anyone. Louise reaches out to her ex-friend Sophie, who knows the truth. Sophie too has been friend requested by Maria. She brushes it off as a prank but Louise can’t let it go.

Louise starts to get messages from Maria, things that only a living person could know. Louise reaches out to Esther, who was Maria’s only friend in the end. Esther tells Louise that she has been getting gifts on her birthday every year since Maria died. Could Maria still be alive? Does she know what Louise did that night and is back for revenge? Or is there something even more sinister going on?

This was a good story with a nice twist. You think it is going to go one way but then find out the truth. I’m excited to read Laura Marshall’s next book, Three Little Lies.


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Fearless by Carly Phillips

Kane Harmon owns his garage and is a great mechanic. Halley Ward is a artist who just wants to be left alone. When Halley’s car breaks down, Kane is the one to pick her up. Kane and Halley know each other from high school. Halley came in the middle of her high school career and didn’t have any friends. Kane was popular but was dealing with the death of his mother. He always protected Halley in school even though they never talked.

Years later, living in the same town, Halley is back on Kane’s radar. And he really likes what he sees. He decides he is going to get to know her and break down her walls. Halley is interested but is terrible at relationships. She agrees to a fling but Kane has more in mind. He will do everything to make Halley his. Will he be able to break through her walls or will they both end up heartbroken?

This is the first in Carly Phillips new series, Rosewood Bay. It is a predictable contemporary romance story but still enjoyable. I liked the characters and the storyline. I look for to read the next one about Halley’s sister, Breathe.

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Campfire by Shawn Sarles

Maddie Davenport is sixteen and on a camping trip with her family, best friend, and their guide, Caleb. They have ridden horses to the campsite and are now setting up camp for the week. Maddie has a crush on the guide and decides to flirt with him, with the encouragement of her friend. After a total crash and burn, Maddie is humiliated and just wants to hide away. But the family gathers around the campfire telling ghost stories and Maddie wants to hear them.

But the next few days become a nightmare. The stories start coming true and the campers are being murdered. Now they have to work together to get back home. But everyone is suspicious of everyone else. Is the killer among them or someone they don’t know?

I really liked this book. It told the story that was happening now and also told some good ghost stories. It had an exciting twist at the end that I did not see coming!

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Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero

In the summer of 1977, the Blyton Summer Detective Club solved their biggest case yet by unmasking the Sleepy Lake monster. After seeing the perpetrator off to jail, it also turned out to be their last case, with the kids moving on to other things or moving away. Thirteen years later, all grown up but still unsettled by their night trapped in the old Deboen mansion, the three remaining members of the club are each haunted by the experience and dealing with it in their own way. Andy, the tomboy of the group, decides it’s time to put the the case to rest, once and for all. So, she hits the road to gather the group together and head back to their old home town. She collects Kerri (and Tim, Kerri’s Weimaraner), the club’s official nerd, who’s now living in New York, and deals with her demons by drinking too much, and together they head over to Arkham MA to collect Nate, who’s spending some time at the asylum, and Pete, who’s been dead for a few years and can only be seen by Nate. By returning to the scene of the crime, can they finally escape their nightmares?

There’s no van, but even driving a beat up old Pinto, this crew will more than remind you of the Scooby Doo gang, that is if the Scooby Doo gang grew up to be hard drinking, heavily tattooed, hard fighting adults who talk to dead people. Meddling Kids is a lot of fun though, and if you’re a fan of Stranger Things, or Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon, this is a great read.


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An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

In this third novel from Lapena, a group of guests find themselves stuck at an upstate New York hotel during a snow storm. Everyone has a different reason for being there, but on the first morning one of the guests, Dana, is found dead at the bottom of the stairs.

Some believe that they heard fighting in Dana and her fiance’s room and don’t believe Dana’s death was an accident. David, a criminal attorney, advises everyone that they need to leave the body alone until the police can arrive. Because of the storm, they don’t have power and the authorities have no way to get them.

As the guests wait for the storm to pass, the bodies begin to pile up. Could the murderer be an outside guest they haven’t yet met, or someone within their group?

A little bit Agatha Christie mixed in with Clue (without the humor), readers who like a solid mystery will find this latest to their liking.  This one isn’t as dark as Lapena’s previous psychological thrillers, A Stranger in the House and The Couple Next Door.

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Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott

When Kit Owens was a teenager she had a friend named Diane Fleming. Diane was a beautiful, untouchable girl. She was the smartest in the class and helped push Kit to be more then she ever thought she could be. But then Diane tells Kit a terrible secret and everything changes. It has been ten years since Kit has seen Diane. But all that changes.

Kit has gone on to become a scientist and works in the lab of Dr. Serevin, who gave Kit her scholarship senior year of high school over Diane. Dr. Serevin has received a grant to work on understanding PMDD and there is only room for two people on the team. And one spot has been filled by a new recruit, Diane Fleming. Kit is shocked when she comes face to face with her former friend. But a new secret will tie them together in a way Kit never saw coming.

This was pretty good. I figured out the secret but not what was going to happen next. I think you were supposed to like Kit but I didn’t. If you are into psychological thrillers, I would give this one a try.

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There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

Makani Young has moved to Nebraska from Hawaii to live with her grandma. Her parents are essentially divorced and have shipped her there after a disastrous incident took place. Now a senior, Makani is just counting the days until graduation. She has two really close friends and a crush on the token loner guy, Ollie. Everything is going good until the first murder.

One by one students are being killed. Makani is almost one of the victims but is able to escape. She is able to give the police new clues, including that the killer is male and comes into the victim’s houses and gaslights them first and then comes back and kills them. Makani doesn’t want to sit around and wait for the killer to come back for her, so she enlists Ollie and together they try and figure out who the killer will target next. Will they be able to find the killer in time? Or will the next victim be someone close to them?

This book was so good. And it was so creepy. It really freaked me out. Especially the fact that someone is in your house, moving things around, just messing with you and then they kill you. Creepy!