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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

As the castle comes under attack, Arthur’s parents spirit him away to relative safety by putting him in a boat and casting it adrift. The toddler is found by some “ladies” of the town and is brought up inside of a brothel and the mean streets of the village. Unaware of his parentage, Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) learns all the tricks of the trade – shoplifting, pocket picking, fighting, and how to deal with Vikings. He earns the loyalty of his crew and the ladies who raised him, and is fiercely loyal and protective of them. As his crew’s activities attract the attention of the King’s guards, Arthur is gathered up, along with other young men of the same age, and brought to the castle for a test – who can draw the sword from the stone? After so many years spent trying to find young Arthur, King Vortigern (Jude Law) is desperate to dispose of him before he can pose a real challenge to the throne but this may prove to be more of a challenge than he’d bargained for.

Guy Ritchie’s vision of the Arthurian legend is definitely darker and grittier than what we’ve seen in the past, and some of his efforts to bring a modern spin to the tales fall decidedly flat. The casting is great though – Jude Law is phenomenal as King Vertigern, and Charlie Hunnam does a great job as the unwilling king-to-be Arthur. With the great effects and lots of action, it will be interesting to see which direction the sequel takes us. Rated PG-13.

Also featuring: Aidan Gillen, Djimon Hounsou, Eric Bana, David Beckham, and Astrid Berges-Frisbey.


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47 Meters Down

Mandy Moore plays Lisa, who is on a tropical vacation with sister Kate, in Mexico. Lisa is down on herself after her recent breakup with Stuart, who she believes got bored with their relationship. Kate and Lisa meet two young men who invite them to go shark cage diving. Although Lisa has never been diving and has never been a risk taker, the men tell her the guy who runs the boat will take them out anyway.

Although highly reluctant and scared, Lisa lets her sister talk her into it, especially when Kate tells her that someone who takes pictures in a shark cage isn’t “boring” like Stuart said. The men go down first and get see sharks circling the cage and then are brought up. Next it’s Kate and Lisa’s turn. They too get to see sharks circling the cage, but after a bit, Lisa has had enough and asks to be brought up. When they go to bring them up, the wench breaks sending them straight down to the bottom of the ocean, trapped in the cage, at 47 meters down.

They only have enough oxygen to last about twenty minutes and cannot communicate with the boat at that depth. To make matters worse, the way the cage landed blocked the entrance to get in and out of the cage.

This movie was extremely intense and offered a few jumps along the way. My one takeaway from this movie was that I sure as heck am never going to go diving, let alone shark cage diving, ever. Rated PG-13

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Dead Again in Tombstone

A reluctant servant of the Devil, Guerrero (Danny Trejo) returns from the dead and heads to his hometown to pay his respects to his father. Once there, he finds the town and his family in danger. Colonel Jackson Boomer (Jake Busey) is determined to get his hands on an ancient relic, and he will stop at nothing to get it. As Boomer and his gang terrorize the town, Guerrero does his best to protect its citizens and stop Boomer from getting the relic. But first, he needs to find it, and he may die trying. Again.

This one might be a little confusing if you didn’t see the first installment of this franchise – Dead in TombstoneThe flashbacks don’t really help much – I think they just added to my confusion. But, hey, it’s a Danny Trejo movie, and it doesn’t have to make sense, because if you like action and B movie style everything, you learn to just sit back and enjoy the ride. If there’s one thing Danny’s taught us throughout the years it’s don’t mess with whatever character he’s playing. In this movie we learn not to mess with Danny’s horse, because he’ll only come back with something bigger. Great cinematography. Rated R. Also featuring: Dean McDermott.

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Emily (Amy Schumer) just got dumped by her boyfriend. They had planned on going on vacation to South America and the tickets are non-refundable. Emily tries to get any of her friends to come but no one can or will. Finally as a last resort, Emily asks her mom, Linda (Goldie Hawn). Reluctantly, she agrees. Soon they are enjoying their vacation or at least Emily is. Emily meets a man and he takes them sightseeing. The next thing they know, they have been kidnapped. Now they need to work together to survive and get away.

This movie was better than I thought it would be. My expectations were low but I did laugh a couple of times. Also starring, Ike Barinholtz, Wanda Sykes, and Joan Cusack. Rated R

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Free Fire

It is Boston 1978 and a gun deal is about to go down. In a warehouse two groups of people meet to make the exchange. Everything is going smoothly and is almost complete when two of the guys get into a fight and a gun is fired. Soon everyone is taking cover and shooting at each other. It soon becomes clear that there is a double cross in play. Who is going to make it out of this warehouse alive?

I didn’t know what to expect going into this movie but I was pleasantly surprised. It had action, some humor, and a twist. If you are in the mood for those things, then I recommend this movie. Starring, Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer, and Sharlto Copley. Rated R

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Power Rangers

Five high school kids, who have nothing in common and aren’t even friends, find themselves at the old mine in town. While there they find strange crystals and they each take one. The next day, they are suddenly faster and stronger. They go back to the mine and discover a secret cave that is actually an alien ship. They have been chosen to be Power Rangers. They start training and their first challenge, in the form of Rita Repulsa, happens before they are ready. Will they be able to work as a team and defeat their enemy? Or will they fall apart and destroy the world?

Who would think to take the Power Rangers, a cheesy kids show, and turn it into a movie? Not me but it actually worked. I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters. If you watched the show as a kid or even if you have never seen an episode before, definitely check out this movie. Starring, Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, and Bill Hader. Rated PG-13

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The Belko Experiment

It is just another day at the Belko Company, an American business located in Bogota, Columbia. As they go about their day a voice comes over the building’s intercom saying they had half an hour to kill two people. Everyone is confused and thinking it is a joke. Until the building goes into lock down and no one can leave. When the half hour is up and no one has been killed, everyone is relieved. Until the heads start exploding. Now it is a kill or be killed situation. Will anyone survive or will this experiment kill them all?

I really liked this movie. I didn’t know who was going to turn into a killer and who was going to try and keep their humanity. I definitely recommend this one. Starring, John Gallagher, Jr., Tony Goldwyn, John C. McGinley, Sean Gunn, and Michael Rooker.  Rated R