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I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll

Ella is on her way to a conference for florists in London. She is taking the train and is bored. She notices two teen girls, Anna and Sarah, and eavesdrops on them. They are soon joined by two older boys, who have just been released from prison. Ella keeps her eye on them and wonders if she should try to contact their parents, since she overheard their names and where they are from. Ella decides she is being a prude and does nothing. The next day on the news, Anna is reported as missing.

A year later, Anna is still missing and there are no leads. Ella had come forward at the time and the two guys were never found. Ella lives with the guilt that she could have done something.  Now she is receiving anonymous notes in the mail telling her she is being watched. Ella thinks it is Anna’s mother sending the notes. She hires a private investigator to find out what is happening. Also, around this time a new documentary about the disappearance is aired. This brings some new clues to light. Will Anna’s disappearance finally be solved?

This was a good psychological thriller. It kept me guessing until it was revealed what really happened to Anna. I eagerly am waiting for the next book by Teresa Driscoll that comes out in March, The Friend.


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The Ultimatum by Karen Robards

Bianca St. Ives has spent her whole life running heists with her dad. But this last one has not gone as planned. The money is missing from the vault and Bianca is the only one left of her team besides her getaway driver, Doc. She has to get out before midnight. She manages to escape with the help of a stranger named Mickey. As they race to the meet up point they find a road block. The next thing they know the truck with Bianca’s father and other associates is blown up.

Five months later, Bianca is getting on with her life. She is working at her security firm, Guardian Consulting, in Savannah, Georgia. She isn’t 100% convinced her dad is really dead but she hasn’t heard from him. She has hired Doc to work at the company and to monitor her dad’s secret email that clients can contact him on for jobs. When a job comes up Bianca decides to take even though it could be a trap. While on this job, Bianca runs into Mickey again, who’s name is Colin Rogan and works for the government. It soon becomes clear that this is a trap. Now the good guys and the bad guys are after her because they think she knows where her dad is. But he’s dead, isn’t he?

This was a different route for Karen Robards. It was more a spy thriller than romantic suspense, which Robards is known for. I liked it. It is the first in a new series. The next one due out in 2018 is called The Moscow Deception.

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson) is the world’s best hitman. Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) is the world’s best bodyguard. When Kincaid makes a deal to testify against a dictator (Gary Oldman) to get is wife released from prison, Bryce is asked by Interpol to take Kincaid from Manchester to the Hague in 24 hours. Bryce has for the last two years been trying to get his reputation back after a botched job. Now these two are stuck together and must outwit the bad guys and try not to kill each other in the process.

This movie was great.  It was full of action and humor. And who doesn’t love Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds. I would love to see them in another movie together! Also, starring Salma Hayek. Rated R

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Girls Trip

The Flossy Posse is being reunited. It has been five years since these four best friends have all been together. And what could be better than a free trip to the Essence Festival in New Orleans? Ryan (Regina Hall) has a speaking engagement at the festival with her husband. She invites Sasha (Queen Latifah), Dina (Tiffany Haddish), and Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) to reconnect. Almost immediately the women find out the Ryan’s husband is cheating. They rally together to help Ryan out but find out she knows and is sticking it out for their reputations. But the women help her realize that there is more to life and happiness than work and reputation.

This was a funny, if sometimes over the top, movie. A lot of great cameos and Tiffany Haddish is hilarious. Also starring, Kate Walsh and Lorenz Tate. Rated R

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The Second Sister by Claire Kendal

Ella Brooke is still not over her sister Miranda’s disappearance. The ten year anniversary is coming up and Ella has promised her nephew that she will look into his mom’s disappearance. The police have just returned a box of Miranda’s things and Ella is determined to find a new clue. While moving Miranda’s dollhouse to her house, Ella discovers a note. It is the first solid clue to help Ella out. She is also determined to see serial killer Jason Thorne. A newspaper article is claiming that Thorne might have seen Miranda before her disappearance.

Ella is also reconnecting with her first love, Ted and a new man, Adam, who happens to be a doctor at the institute Thorne is living. As Ella continues to investigate, the pieces start to come together. And when she meets with Thorne, she finally gets the clue that will solve this mystery. But in getting the answers she so desperately seeks, will Ella meet the same fate as Miranda?

This was a very suspenseful thriller. I was trying to figure out the ending the entire time I was reading and just couldn’t. And rest assured we do find out what happened to Miranda. I am definitely going back to read Claire Kendal’s first book, The Book of You.

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Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) has a problem. She becomes attached to a person on social media and starts stalking them, trying to be their friend. The last one end with Ingrid in a mental institution. Now Ingrid is out ready to change her life. Once back home she starts her lonely life. But soon she is sucked back into her old ways and becomes obsessed with Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen). Ingrid ends up going to California and soon finds Taylor. She becomes friends with her but her obsessive ways come out and Taylor is done with her. Will this finally be the wake up call Ingrid needs? Or is she doomed to this behavior forever?

I really ended up liking this movie. It was crazy to see how one person can get so fixated on another person and the lengths they will go to be friends with their obsession. Also starring, O’Shea Jackson, Jr and Wyatt Russell. Rated R

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A Ghost Story

C (Casey Affleck) and M (Rooney Mara) are a married couple living in a old house. M wants to move but C is hesitant. All of that changes when C dies in a car accident. Now M is all alone or is she? As she moves on with her life there is a presence in the house with her. Standing in a white sheet. The seasons pass and M moves away but the sheet stays. New families move in and then the house gets demolished. And then we are go back to the settlers. And then to when C and M move in. Confused? Me too!

This was the slowest movie I have ever watched. I get it is supposed to be thought provoking and artsy but I was so bored. At one point she is eating a pie by herself for like seven minutes. I would only recommend this movie if you like slow paced movies. Rated R