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Wedding Planner Mystery

Carnegie Kincaid (Erica Durance) is a struggling wedding planner. She is trying to keep the business afloat,  and knows that pulling off her friend’s wedding will go a long way in helping her business. Unfortunately, during the rehearsal, after an argument, one of her bridesmaids gets into her cousin’s car and has a fatal crash.  What started out as a simple accident turns out to be an attempted murder.

With the cops looking at her and her business on the line, Carnegie decides to start looking into the murder. With many unanswered question about some family business, Carnegie is having trouble adding it all up.  To top it off,  Aaron Gold (Andrew Walker), an annoying investigative reporter keeps showing up. On the other hand, the families handsome lawyer is taking an interest in her. With so much on the line can Carnegie solve the murder and give her friend the wedding of her dreams?

I loved the characters in this movie, and even though I always feel that they could build up the characters more, I feel they did a wonderful job.  If you are looking for a family fun mystery, this is the movie for you.  Rated TV-PG, Hallmark Movie Original.



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Brett Young by Brett Young

This up and coming country musician is making the ranks and stealing hearts all across America.  Brett Young has created his own style, which has been dubbed “Calville” meaning he has mixed his southern roots with West Coast style. His first album, which is self-titled, came out February 10th.

Brett has joined Dann Huff, who has worked with Keith Urban, Leann Rimes, Faith Hill, Thomas Rhett, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Shania Twain, Vince Gill, Barbra Streisand, Bob Seger, and Whitney Houston to name a few. Some of his hits include,  Lonestar’s “Amazed,”  Trace Adkins’ “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” Rascal Flatts’ popish ballad “My Wish”and Maddie & Tae’s fiercely country “Fly.” Of the 12 tracks on Brett Young’s CD, Brett has co-written 11 of the songs.

His top singles are “Sleep without You” ( video: and “In case you didn’t know” (video:

I am totally in love with this CD. All the music just seems to reach your heart and get you grooving. Would totally recommend you listen to it.


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Always Watching by Lynette Eason

“He’s mine,” she whispered. “He’s mine and you can’t have him. Go away.”

Wade Savage is a very popular psychiatrist and radio personality who keeps receiving gifts from some anonymous person.  When he fails to acknowledge the stalker’s attention this angers his stalker. Things escalate to the point of the stalker trying to take his life and harming a bodyguard that he was unaware he had hurt.

Olivia Edwards owns Elite Guardians and was hired by Wade’s father to protect his son. When Maddy, one of her partners, gets attacked and has her throat slit, Olivia steps in to protect their client, which is turning out to be a challenge.  Wade doesn’t want a bodyguard until his daughter gets threatened. Wade is also a gentleman and has a hard time letting Olivia put her life on the line.  Their unexpected mutual attraction only adds to the fray.

Will they catch the stalker before they succeed in taking his or his daughter’s life?

I really enjoyed this book. I am a total fan of books that keep you on your toes with a little suspense. It is also what I consider a clean book, no heavy romance scenes, no gory word pictures, etc. Lynette Eason is a Christian writer yet doesn’t get into religious politics.


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Captain America: The Civil War

captain-america-cwWhat happens when you try enact a Hero Registration Act upon the Avengers which would limit their action?

You create tension and this ultimately divides the Avengers.  Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) feels they should sign to become accountable for their actions and Captain America (Chris Evans) feels that this would prevent them from being able to protect the world when they are needed. When Bucky, the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) re-emerges, Captain America wants to protect his friend and get to the bottom of what happened to him. This creates an all out war between the Avengers which causes them to pick sides. When a new villain emerges, they must find a way to bring themselves back together. But will it happen in time?

Team Iron Man consists of: Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Vision (Paul Bettany), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), War Machine (Don Cheadle), and Spider-Man (Tom Holland).

Team Captain America consists of: Bucky Barnes, Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), and Ant-man (Paul Rudd).

Which side will you take?  (I am a Captain America girl, so you know where I stand! Love Chris Evans!)

It took me awhile to watch this movie because I was not happy with the team going against each other. Even though I did like this movie, I am not a big fan of the ending for my own reasons, which I will not explain so I do not spoil the ending for anyone.  I still would recommend watching this movie it has many twist and turns. I can’t wait for the next installment of the Avengers and hope that Chris Evans chooses to stay and not retire. Rated PG-13 for extended sequences of violence, action and mayhem.

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Nicholas Nickleby

Nicholas NicklbyYoung Nicholas is secure and content in the arms of his family.  Then, one day his father passes away and everything changes.  He is now penniless and unable to support his family, so they are forced to go to their estranged uncle, who is cruel and heartless. The uncle decides to send Nicholas away to a boarding school that is abusive and mean.  As soon as he can, Nicholas escapes the school and goes back to the city to find a job that will allow him to support his family and get them away from his evil uncle.  Nicholas is able to keep his positive attitude alive and never losses his compassionate personality, despite all that he is going through, with the help of some friends and a love he is determined to win.

Based on the beloved classic novel by Charles Dickens, I’m sure that you will enjoy this enchanting story and the adventure it brings. Cast includes Charlie Hunnam, Christopher Plummer, Jim Broadbent, Anne Hathaway, Tom Courtenay, Nathan Lane, and Jamie Bell. Rated PG for thematic material involving some violent action and a childbirth scene.

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peeplesWade Walker (Craig Robinson) makes his living singing to kids. In others words, he is not making it big but he is lovable and is dating Grace Peeples (Kerry Washington) who is really out of his league.  She is heading to her family reunion in the Hamptons and doesn’t invite Wade, feeling that he won’t fit in with the family.  Wade has other plans. He wants to propose to Grace, but feels he should meet her family first. Deciding to crash their reunion, he makes one false step after another in front of her dad.  Judge Virgil Peeples (David Allen Grier) is a bitter old man who is strict and instantly dislikes Wade. While the family seems to be that perfect stand up family, the closer Wade gets, the more flaws he sees.  After many tries to gain the approval of Virgil, Wade starts to rethink proposing to Grace and becoming part of the family.

I am on the fence with this movie. Tyler Perry has definitely come out with better movies, and this one just seemed to fall a little flat.  While it wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be.  If you watch this movie, I would just not expect too much from it. Where the storyline or plotlines failed, it did make up for with its all star cast. Also featuring:  S. Epatha Merkerson, Tyler James Williams, Melvin Van Peebles, Diahann Carroll, Kali Hawk, Kimrie Lewis Davis, Ana Gasteyer, and Malcom Barrett. Rated PG-13 for sexual content, drug material and language.

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Dear Viola

dearBellport Herald is losing their “Dear Viola” author, which the whole town tunes into every week. Earl Bellamy, the newspaper’s editor, has decided not to fill the position. Katie Minor (Kellie Martin) feels she can do a good job and wants a chance at becoming Viola.  During that time Katie receives a letter from “Mr. Lost Love” which catches her attention. Due to her spunky responses and a multi-part letter between her and “Mr. Lost Love”, the fan base to these articles increase as the whole town is tuning into her column.

As she is corresponding she finds herself falling for Russ (Jefferson Brown), a widow with a daughter, who ends up being “Mr Lost Love”.  Unfortunately, as Russ is taking her advice given through the newspaper column he starts dating Jamie Estevez, an opportunistic new woman in town. Even though she knows that Jamie is not the right woman for Russ she is not sure if she should fight for his attentions so she decides to keep her identity a secret.

I loved this movie, yes I love most Hallmark movies, it had all the marks of a great movie.  A little bit of romance, a great story-line, and good actors/actresses.  This is a made for TV movie.