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Hard Stick by L.P. Dover

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Interior designer Kristen Robinson escapes to Belmont, NC to start her life under a new identity thanks to the help of her FBI friends. Back in Boston, Mitchell, her controlling, obsessive ex, might have been responsible for the death of her best friend Cole, who was only trying to protect her.

Now a bartender at Sammy’s, Kristen serves the regular group of NHL players, which includes sexy captain Kellan Carter, their usual drinks. Kristen has seen them leave with a myriad of groupies and knows most of them are players, on and off the ice. Kellan claims he is different, so she agrees to give him just one date.The chemistry is so strong that the “one date” evolves into a relationship. Kristen hates lying to him about her identity, but her resolve and trust issues are slowing melting away.

Just when she thought she is done looking over her shoulder, Mitchell has found her. With power, influence and money, Mitchell will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Kristen is terrified she will lose Kellan the way she lost Cole, but Kellan promises he won’t let anything happen to the woman he loves.

With sexy heat between the sheets and an unpredictable twist, Dover’s (Trigger) new series opener is a bold contender in the subgenre that should have wide appeal.


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