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Nocturnal Animals

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Susan (Amy Adams) is an art gallery owner. One day she receives a package from her ex-husband, Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal). It is a draft of the book he has written that is about to be published. As Susan reads it, the book stirs up the past. How Edward and Susan met, got married and eventually divorced. In the book, Edward tells the story of Tony and his wife, Laura (Isla Fisher) and their daughter, India (Ellie Bamber). They are driving to their vacation destination when they become victims of a roadside attack. Laura and India are separated from Tony and later found dead. Susan is very disturbed by the story and reaches out to Edward. She also starts to wonder if she made the biggest mistake all those years ago letting him go.

I really didn’t care for this movie. My biggest problem was that it left questions unanswered. Or maybe it was just over my head and I missed the answers. Also starring, Armie Hammer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Michael Shannon, Laura Linney, and Michael Sheen. Rated R


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