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Maybe Something Beautiful by F. Isabel Campoy and Theresa Howell. Illustrated by Rafael Lopez.

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Mira is a little girl who loves to doodle, draw, and paint, and she fills her room with the colorful pictures that she has created. Mira also likes to give her pictures away and brightening someone else’s day. One day, she tapes a picture of the sun onto the wall of a building to make it a bit brighter. The next day, Mira meets a man with a pocket full of paintbrushes, looking at her picture and the wall. Mira asks him what he sees, and he replies “Maybe…something beautiful.” With that, the artist begins painting on the wall, inviting Mira to join in. Soon, the whole neighborhood has joined in, and there’s music and dancing and laughter as they paint walls, benches, and utility boxes, and decorate the sidewalks with poetry. “Together, they created something more beautiful than they had ever imagined”.

This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of how Rafael Lopez and his wife Candace brought people together in their urban neighborhood to create art and to make their neighborhood a more beautiful place to live. With the help of volunteers from all walks of life, the Urban Art Trail was created, and their East Village neighborhood in San Diego was revived through art. Communities all over the U.S. (including Chicago) have commissioned murals by Lopez, and many have implemented the model of community-based art. For more info on the Urban Art Trail, visit


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