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The Widow by Fiona Barton

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JacketThe docile widow, Jean Taylor who lost Glen when he was mysteriously hit by a bus, is finally ready to tell her story. She has been coerced by Daily Post reporter Kate Waters to give her the exclusive on a high profile story that has been played out in the media for years. Jean stood by her husband through it all, but she may know more than she is letting on.

A toddler goes missing; snagged right out of the front garden of her home. Detective Sparkes’ investigation leads him to Glen Taylor, who had a delivery in the area where baby Bella was taken. Officials learn about Glen’s interest in child porn and are convinced he is their suspect. But without a body and evidence, there may not be enough to convict.

The story unfolds between the narratives of the Kate, DI Sparkes, and Jean and goes back and forth in time from present day to the events leading up to Glen’s death.

This dark page turner will appeal to readers of psychological suspense such as Mary Kubica and Chevy Stevens.


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