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Why Him?

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Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston) is a hard-working mid-western family man who owns his own company, and hopes to pass it on to his children someday. He’s so proud of his daughter, Stephanie (Zoey Deutsch), who’s attending Stanford. And then Stephanie invites the family out to California to spend the holidays and to meet her boyfriend Laird (James Franco). Laird is a free-spirited billionaire who runs his own video gaming company. And by free-spirited, I mean Ned’s worst nightmare. Laird means well, but as a former computer child prodigy, he’s pretty awkward socially, and he tends to take most things to their extreme. When it becomes apparent that Laird intends to propose, Ned goes into panic mode, and the two end up taking their rivalry over Stephanie too far.

Even though there’s nothing new as far as the plot goes, this movie was actually pretty funny. Cranston stands up well against all the “hey, let’s make fun of the old guy” jokes, and the whole cast has great chemistry – I’d love to see Cranston and Megan Mullally do some more stuff together. Rated R. Also featuring: Cedric the Entertainer and Keegan-Michael Key.


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