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Solace Island by Sara Flynn

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attachment_77273131After learning of her ex-fiance’s infidelities, a three-week vacation to Solace Island with her sister Eve is exactly what Maggie Harris needs.

Unsure of how to find the cottage at night in the wooded Pacific Northwest, she pulls into a neighboring driveway until daylight but instead runs into the owner, sexy Luke Benson while dressed in red long Johns. Not the greatest first impression. Eve and Maggie next see Luke, a baker, selling his bread at the Saturday market and Eve sets them up on date.

Everything is going so well that Maggie considers Eve’s idea to make Solace Island their permanent residence, that is, until a car tries to mow them down on the sidewalk. Luke, a former military man and securities specialist, goes into protection mode to save the women he has fallen for before it’s too late.

This fetching debut from Flynn (pseudonym for actress and author Meg Tilly) sets up a satisfying romance in a cozy, small-town setting. The sex scenes sizzle and an unexpected suspect raises the tension.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | March 7, 2017


One thought on “Solace Island by Sara Flynn

  1. Thank you, Kara, for reading Solace Island, for the wonderful review. It meant so much to me. -Sara/Meg

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