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Ouija: Origin of Evil

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ouijaIn this new Ouija horror flick that takes place in the 1960s, single mother Alice Zander is trying to make ends meet by providing seances out of her home. When her teenager daughter sneaks out of the house and plays Ouija at a friend’s, Alice is inspired to add the board to their ruse.

There are rules to the Ouija that need to be followed, and one of these rules is to never play alone. Little sister Doris sees the board and tries it out. She believes she can communicate with their deceased father. But the viewer learns that she may be communicating with a demon that is not her father and is possessing her.

Older sister Lena seeks the help of the priest at their Catholic school. But even he might not be able to save Doris and her family from their fate.

There were a few scenes that make you jump and yes, the Ouija board scares the bejeezus out of me personally, but overall this is a disappointment. My all time favorite is still the super campy 80’s Ouija original, Witchboardstarring Tawny Kitaen.



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