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Bad Moms

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badChicago mom Amy does it all: she works, gets the kids to school, takes care of the dog, cooks, cleans, helps with homework assignments and is probably the most mature employee at a coffee company full of hipsters.

When she finds her useless husband  cheating in an online relationship, she’s had enough. No more coddling everyone through life.

Amy even befriends two other moms, Carla and Kiki (played by Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell) to join her posse. In fact, she even goes as far as taking on the president of the PTA (played by Christina Applegate) by running against her and planning to make life a whole lot easier for her fellow school moms.

This silly movie is the working mother’s anecdote to films like The Hangover. This film is both comedic and refreshing to see women finally having a chance to behave badly for a change. Rated R


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