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Knock Knock

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knockIn Knock Knock, Keanu Reeves plays, Evan, an architect who is home working while his wife and kids are away for the weekend. It’s pouring rain the night his doorbell rings and two young, beautiful women are asking if he knows where the “Gregory’s” live.

He knows of no such neighbor but the women ask if they can come in to use his phone to look up the address of the party they are supposed to be going to since the cab driver just dropped them off. Evan contacts an Uber for them, who can’t come for 45 minutes. He allows the girls to dry their soaked clothes in the dryer while they wait.

The two women are obviously trying to seduce him, and he eventually relents after much pressure. After a hot tryst, the next morning he finds the women have made a mess of his house and won’t leave. He finally gets them into his car and drops them off outside their supposed house. But the women aren’t satisfied, claim that they were underage and come back to his house to terrorize him.

Interesting premise; terrible delivery! Plus, Keanu’s acting, as pretty as he is, is just comical it’s so horrendous. It was entertaining enough, but not one I would really recommend. Rated R


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