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Don’t Breathe

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dontAll Rocky wants to do is leave Detroit with her sister. Rocky, her boyfriend, Money, and their friend, Alex, have been robbing houses to make money to leave. Money gets word of a house that has $300, 000 in it. That would be enough for Rocky to finally leave. Alex doesn’t want to do it but is finally convinced. They soon find out that the owner is blind and they think it will be a cakewalk. Boy, were they wrong. Not only is his hearing heightened, he is a war vet who shouldn’t be messed with. He also has a secret. A secret kept in the basement.

This was one suspenseful, thrilling movie. There was one part that kind of takes a turn that wasn’t necessary but overall this is definitely one movie to watch. Starring, Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, and Dylan Minnette. Rated R



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