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Money Monster

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money-monsterAs the host of the Money Monster TV show on FNN, Lee Gates (George Clooney) offers his advice and often outrageous opinions on the financial market. When a “computer glitch” causes one of Gates pet companies to lose more than $80 million, it becomes the hot news topic of the week. Kyle (Jack O’Connell), who took Gates’ advice to buy stock in the company, lost everything, and now he wants answers. Gaining access to the show’s studio under false pretenses, Kyle succeeds in an armed takeover that is now being broadcast all over the world. With the world watching, Gates’ director Patty (Julia Roberts) works feverishly behind the scenes, walking a fine line between the authorities and doing what she needs to do to prevent a live murder. Will they be able to track down the money before Kyle lets his finger off the button?

As a commentary on the rampant fraud on Wall St., this movie is only so-so. But as a thriller, it’s definitely a nail biter. If nothing else, watch for Clooney’s character’s dance moves at the opening of his show. Rated R. Also featuring Dominic West and Dennis Boutsikaris.


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