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The Couple Next Door by Shari Lepena

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Anne and Marco have been invited to their next door neighbors house for a birthday dinner. Anne doesn’t want to go because the babysitter canceled but Marco insists that their six month old baby, Cora, will be fine alone. Anne agrees after they decide to check on her ever half hour and they have the baby monitor.

They finally finish for the night  and go home. When Anne goes to check on Cora, the baby is gone. The police are called and Detective Rasbach arrives. He suspects the parents right away but they are adamant that they had nothing to do with Cora missing.

As the Detective starts to investigate, secrets start to be revealed. Everyone is hiding something. From the parents to the neighbors to the in-laws, nobody is innocent. Will Cora be found before it is too late?

This was a great read. Trying to figure out what happened to Cora and if the parents did it makes this a suspenseful read. And then halfway through the book a bombshell is revealed. I definitely recommend this one.


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