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Giant Squid by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann

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Creepy, mysterious and intriguing, Giant Squid reads like a Hitchcock script. It would be a great read-aloud for older students, perhaps, even, around Halloween.

Did you know there are more close-up photos of Mars’ surface-a planet millions of miles away-than of giant squids? “We know more about the behavior of dinosaurs-extinct for 65 million years-than we do a creature that resides in almost all of the world’s oceans and is one of the biggest animals on the planet. So elusive is the giant squid that the first time scientists ever saw a living one was in 2006.”

Where do we find the finest squid specimens? “Inside enormous sperm whales, whose favorite dinner is giant squid. So many giant squid beaks have been found in sperm whales that it is now believed there are millions of giant squid swimming in the oceans, but they continue to swim through the deep, elusive, mysterious, incognito.”


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