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All the Ways You Saved Me by Jamie Howard

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Bianca’s future has been all laid out. After law school, she is expected to return to Texas to work in her father’s law firm and play the part of the senator’s perfect daughter. When her best friend unexpectedly dies shortly after graduation, she decides to fulfill Renee’s bucket list  by staying in New York City and delaying her plans.

First item she tackles is to buy a stranger a coffee, and that stranger is Ian Mathis, an attractive, tattooed musician who wants to help her with the list. Their friendship blossoms into more, but there is a side to Ian that keeps Bianca at a distance. If he can’t break down his walls and let go of the past, they will have no future.

And for Bianca, this list helps her grow as a person while finding her own way in the world. But the most important item on the list is to save somebody’s life. Can she save Ian from himself?

Tackling death, loss, and new beginnings, this story has ample substance and proves that Howard’s (Until It’s Right) new adult  novel is a standout. Added to that is an engaging, non-linear timeline, believable characters, and sweet love scenes that gives the reader all the right emotional feels.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | October 14, 2016 


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