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All Chained Up by Sophie Jordan

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Briar Davis is a nurse who has agreed to volunteer at Devil’s Rock prison. She doesn’t know what she was thinking when she agreed and is terrified. It doesn’t help that her first patient is the sexiest, most dangerous looking man she has ever seen.

Knox Callaghan is just trying to stay alive and do his time. It doesn’t hurt that he gets to look at the new nurse. But when he hears some of the inmates talking about hurting her, he has to step in. He ends up getting early parole for saving Briar from being attacked and is now a free man.

Briar can’t stop thinking about Knox. And then fate steps in and they run into each other. They decide to give into fate and have a steamy night together. But is once going to be enough?

This is the first book in Sophie Jordan’s new series and I really liked it. I look forward to the next book, Hell Breaks Loose.


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