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New Blue by Jules Barnard

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Hayden Tate was driven away as a teenager when she was falsely accused of sleeping with a teacher, but she has moved back to Lake Tahoe to confront her past. Now working as the HR manager for the luxury Blue Casino, Tate and her friends are suspicious of the covert operations the CEO has going on behind her back.

In fact, Adam Cade, the sexy yet irritatingly frustrating new hospitality manager, has been assigned with new hires for this secret project, which undermines Hayden’s job. And even Adam is starting to question exactly what he has been hired to do but intends to stick with it; he needs the money in order to financially break free from his controlling father.

Blues’ employees have been harmed in the past because of the Casino’s shady dealings, and Hayden knows it is her job to keep everyone safe. But as Adam and Hayden grow close romantically, the secrets Adam has to keep in order to protect her has Hayden questioning if she can trust him and their future.

Barnard (Blue Streak) brings readers back her Blue Casino setting, where both characters full of depth and meaty plots reside. Her latest is another winner and the alternating first person narrations of her protagonists will have readers invested in the story and the romance.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | April 15, 2016


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