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Catching Summer by L.P. Dover

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After witnessing the death of her MMA fighter husband, tavern owner Summer Jacobs never thought she could be capable of feeling alive again, that is until she runs into Carolina Cougars’ wide receiver Evan Townsend. Wanting to keep up her nursing credentials, Summer will be filling in while Evan’s sister, one of team’s doctors, is on maternity leave.

Being around Evan ignites something in her that she thought died with the death of Austin, and she finally feels ready to take the plunge. But being with Evan poses risks too, especially when an opponent specially targets him during a game, and it seems much more than a simple rivalry.

In fact, Summer’s therapist believes that Evan will bring her down, and she won’t be able to return again from that dark place. Summer is going to have to be brave and follow her gut when it comes to taking a chance on love with Evan.

Dover’s (Intercepting Love) sweet and flirty contemporary and Bk.6 in her Second Chances series takes a darker turn with the death of one of the team’s girls, which propels the plot along and keeps the reader engaged. You need not to be fan of football to fall head over heels for this spunky contemporary with elements of suspense.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | March 18, 2016


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