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No One Left to Tell by Karen Rose

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Paige Holden has relocated from Minnesota to Baltimore after a horrific accident. She is working as a PI with Clay Maynard as his apprentice. While she is walking her dog, a car crashes in front of her. She runs to the aid of the driver, who turns out to be her client Maria. As she reaches Maria, a shot rings out and hits Maria. Before she dies she gives Paige a flash drive. What is on it could free an innocent man from prison.  

Grayson Smith is the State’s Attorney who put that man away. When Paige comes to him with the new evidence, they decide to work together to get the truth. But everywhere they turn someone is getting killed or trying to kill them.  Will they find out the truth before it is too late?

When I want a great romantic suspense book, Karen Rose is my go to author. Great characters, thrilling storylines and hot romances everytime and this one was just as good. You don’t have to read her books in order but I would. The past characters have a way of showing up.


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