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Be Afraid by Mary Burton

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When the remains of child are found in a fountain in Nashville, detectives Rick Morgan and Jake Bishop are on the case. Recent transplant, Baltimore cop and forensic artist Jenna Thompson thinks she might be of service on the case and volunteers to draw the image of what the little girl would have looked like alive in hopes someone can identify her.

Jenna is driven to her hometown of Nashville when her and her partner in Baltimore find a girl locked in a closet. This brings her too close to her own childhood memories when she has been locked in a closet for nine days while her parents and sister were murdered. Although the killer died of a drug overdose and the case was closed, Jenna is hoping to get answers as to why her family was murdered in the first place.

Meanwhile, Rick and Jake are also investigating a string of murders where the victims are killed and then the houses burned down, eradicating any forensic evidence. With Jenna on their side, a killer is brought out of the woods and both Jenna’s past and the present cases will collide.

Multiple plot threads that eventually converge make for an entertaining story. The book is marketed as romantic suspense, but the romantic elements are almost nonexistent except for a liaison between two of the main characters near the end. This is Bk. 2 in the Morgans of Nashville series, but they can be read in any order.


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