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Persuasion by Violetta Rand

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High school counselor Lily moved to Corpus Texas to escape family troubles back home. Hoping to let loose, she hits a club with her best friend where she is harassed by a nasty biker. Fortunately Lang Anderson has come to her rescue, and Lily finds herself intrigued by her savior, who’s outlaw status is equal parts exciting and troubling.

Even though a girl like her could never understand his world, he learns fate has other ideas when they meet again at his kid sister’s school where Lily will be counseling Maya. As newly appointed president of the Sons of Odin MC, he will take what is rightfully his, and that includes the blond counselor who drives him wild.

 But when someone from his world threatens the women in his life, he’ll be driven to bring down justice, no matter the cost.

A decision by Lang at the novel’s close discredits some of the potency Rand (Devil’s Den series) generates in this MC’s culture, especially since loyalty to the brotherhood is a cardinal rule, and readers won’t respect Lily, who so quickly gives up feminist values, even for love. Sexy and mildly diverting, this MC has potential but doesn’t deliver at full throttle this reviewer had hoped. This is book 1 of the Sons of Odin MC series.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | December 18, 2015


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