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Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

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A box arrives by messenger at the London office of Private Investigator and amputee Cormoran Strike addressed to his assistant, Robin.  In it lies a woman’s leg.  Was is sent by someone from Strike’s past to mess with him, someone with a grudge, or is it from one of the “nutters” sending amputee fan mail?  The bigger question, of course, is whose leg is it?

During the investigation, Robin drops a bombshell about her past, and struggles with her decision to marry, as her fiance is not supportive about her career choice.  Or her boss.

In this much-awaited 3rd novel in the series, Cormoran and Robin come to personal and professional crossroads as they try to navigate their complicated relationship.  Are they simply colleagues?  Friends?  More?

J.K. Rowling continues to delight with her well-drawn characters, and intense plotting. If you have not already, I recommend reading the first two, The Cuckoo’s Calling, and The Silkworm. This book strongly builds on story lines started in the first two, and deliciously teases you with the relationship between Cormoran and Robin.


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