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Blush by Cherry Adair

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Amelia Wentworth is a billionaire CEO of a cosmetics company and someone is trying to kill her. She decides to disappear in Louisana. She now goes by Mia Hayworth and is restoring a house. She has also completing a to do list: learn to cook, buy a truck, have sex with a stranger. She never imagined the sex with a stranger would lead to more.

Cruz Barcelona is a hit man. His last job is to kill Amelia Wentworth. But things don’t go as planned. His gut is telling him that something is off. He decides to act has her handyman and find out if she is as despicable as he was lead to believe. He ends up getting up close and personal with her, which is a big no-no in his profession.

As Cruz is trying to figure out what is really going on, Amelia becomes suspicious of Cruz. But not enough to fire him. Because she is falling for him just as much as he is falling for her. But will they be able to uncover the truth before it is too late?

I am a big fan of Cherry Adair’s but I wasn’t sure at first about this book. It took awhile for me to get into the story and I wasn’t a big fan of Amelia’s. But I soon warmed up to the characters and we have another winner by Cherry Adair!


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