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Until We Break by Jamie Howard

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Sloane and her sister Blaire, of the affluent Avery family, are helping out their grandmother at the diner this summer in Briscoll Bay where she meets Luke Evans. He is gorgeous but has a bad reputation, so there is no way Sloane will let her heart fall victim to another beating again, especially by a man with a history of thinking with his penis.

Luke feels that Sloane is something different than the quick lay he is accustomed to, and pursues her, at least as a friend. Sloane is slowing letting down the wall that she has built up and is learning to trust again. But when Luke learns that he will not be accepted by her family, he convinces himself to do what he thinks is best for Sloane and responds with the ultimate betrayal.

Fast forward five years. Sloane has been traveling the world and is called back when she learns Gran is sick. Luke has changed and is now in a committed relationship even though his heart belongs to Sloane. Sloane has changed too, but not for the better. Can Luke and her family get the old Sloane back or has her heart been crushed by a vice one time too many?

Howard’s complex debut is not the playful, lighthearted story readers might expect, which makes this new adult a standout. But at the core of the struggles each character faces is the kind of romance that makes readers tick. The author is planning another book, Until It’s Right, which will give readers Haley’s (Luke’s girlfriend) story.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | October 22, 2015


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