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Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave

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Driving toward Sonoma County in her unhemmed, unfinished wedding dress, Georgia Ford has only one goal in mind: home.  Because for Georgia, her perfect life and perfect fiance now seem to be anything but. And in a moment, the only logical decision is to return to the comfort of family.
But her place of solace turns out to be a misnomer of monumental proportions.  Because her parents have separated without telling her.  Her brothers are avoiding each other. And, worst yet, her father has decided to sell his beloved vineyard to a rival company.  Suddenly, it’s not just the future of her wedding that’s uncertain. 

Told with an intoxicating blend of wit, emotion, and heart, Eight Hundred Grapes will transport you.  Scenic descriptions of Sebastopol open up for the reader – you can practically smell the soil and feel the sun on your face. But as beautiful as the setting is, it’s the interplay of characters that will draw you in most.  Family dynamics play at the forefront of this book, at times endlessly frustrating and thoroughly relatable.

Characters are interesting and flawed in the best way. This is the perfect book for summer (or really any season), with a glass of wine by your side (naturally) and several uninterrupted hours of reading ahead of you.


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