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You by Caroline Kepnes

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From the moment Guinevere Beck walks into his bookstore, Joe can’t stop thinking about her. She’s got everything he’s looking for in a girlfriend – she’s cute, she’s smart, she likes the same books he does. She doesn’t know it yet, but they were meant to be together forever.

Joe goes on a mission to make her his, and soon, she finds herself unable to resist his charms. But appearances can be deceiving, and Joe isn’t at all what he appears to be. But then, neither is Beck.

Their everythingship soon spirals into an out of control loop of obsession, jealousy and lies, with deadly consequences for them both.

This book was so creepy! You don’t ever gain any sympathy at all for Joe or Beck, but their love story is just so twisted, you won’t want to put the book down. A very dark and deeply disturbing psychological thriller that fans of Gone Girl will enjoy.


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