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One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis

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A young mom leaves her family in Manchester to start a new life in London. Cat Brown (formerly Emily) is running away from a horrific event from her past and hopes that her husband and son will be better off without her.

When Ben discovers Emily is gone, he turns to the police but no one puts much effort into locating her since it appears she has left voluntarily. Even Caroline, her identical twin who grew up in Emily’s shadow, has no desire to find her sister.

When she arrives in London, Cat finds temporary shelter in a shared house where she meets roommate Angel, who takes her under her wing. Angel, who is fiercely caring, couldn’t be more different. A little rough around the edges, Angel makes her way in the world through theft and drug abuse and could be just the friend Cat needs right now.

Almost a year goes by and Cat now as a new job in marketing and still no one knows anything of her past. Angel and her have upgraded from the trashy house to a posh city apartment. It seems as if she has really pulled this off, but as the anniversary of the tragic event from her past looms near, everything might unravel.

The strength and enjoyment of this book lies in leading you to believe one thing, but then turning everything around unexpectedly so nothing is as it seems. This is a novel of dark psychological suspense that will keep you on your toes. I would love to chat with anyone who reads this book to see if they figured it all out before the final revelation.


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