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The Marriage Match by Tracy March

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Cyn is the personal assistant to Maple Creek’s wealthiest resident and matriarch of the Hawthorne Resorts fortune, known as “the Queen,” who has an assignment that comes with a $25k bonus if she is successful: to ensure her grandson, Trent, falls in love during the production of Hawthorne Resorts next marketing campaign.

The advertisements will feature Trent on dates with three perfect women hand-selected by the Queen. If Trent gets hitched, Cyn will secure the cash, which she needs to prevent her parent’s home from falling into foreclosure. Trent is the kind of sexy, rich tycoon who would be easy to fall for, and he becomes smitten with Cyn while working together so closely. Cyn knows she can’t compare to the woman the Queen has in mind and her family’s future depends on Trent falling for one of them.

In the style of the TV series, The Bachelor, Trent goes on each date in the most beautiful, tropical resorts in the world that are ripe for love, but he can’t stop thinking about the girl behind the scenes.

Despite the predictability, March’s (The Perfect Proposal, Tempted in the Tropics) characters are easy to root for and the sex scenes vague enough to please readers who like the heat on the mild side. This is especially appealing as an uncomplicated story set in a warm locale appropriate for these cold winter nights.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | January 30, 2015


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