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A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill

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Darcy Archer loves books. So much in fact she works at a bookstore in New York. Her love of books might be why she is still single. She believes in true love and the fairy tale. On the way to work one morning, she literally runs into a man. Unfortunately, she knocks him out. When the ambulance arrives she realizes he was walking a dog. Feeling responsible, Darcy takes the dog. Not sure what to do, Darcy leaves her contact information at the hospital so his family can claim the dog. But by the next day Darcy hasn’t heard from anyone.

When Darcy is finally contacted it is by the doctor. It turns out the mystery man has amnesia. Darcy comes to the hospital and is soon pulled into the mystery of Aiden Harris. She goes to his house and starts to piece together his life. But not is all it seems. Will Darcy find true love?

I really enjoyed this book. It reminded me of the movie While You Were Sleeping. It’s a great story for a little winter reading!


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