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Landline by Rainbow Rowell

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Georgie McCool is worried.  She knows her job as a TV writer has been a strain on her marriage, but now she has the chance to pitch the show she’s been working on since college.  Which means she’ll miss Christmas in Omaha with her husband and daughters.  As Georgie watches them leave for the airport, she begins to wonder if she’s done the right thing, or if she’s pushed her marriage past its breaking point.
When she calls Neal that night, it’s not the same man who has been dodging her calls all day.  Instead, her old yellow rotary phone connects her to her pre-engagement boyfriend Neal.  As she worries more and more that her husband’s present icy silence is a sign that he’s had enough, she clings desperately to the past Neal that is still in love with her, and wonders if the “magic” phone is an opportunity to fix her relationship, or a means to save them from the heartache of their current broken state.

Having loved Eleanor and Park, I was really excited to start this book.  I love the way Rowell writes – it’s lyrical and candid at the same time, and you’ll end up finishing it way too soon.  I found myself enjoying the fact that I was equally rooting for and frustrated with Georgie and Neal, and even liked the open-ended ending because it was realistic.  I definitely recommend Landline to anyone looking for a quirky but honest book about relationships and marriage.  And as a bonus for Rowell fans: be on the lookout for an update on a couple from one of Rowell’s earlier books (I won’t say who!).


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