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The Ace by Rhonda Shaw

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There is no question that real estate agent Karen Bentley is Jerry Smutton’s number one fan, but her love of Detroit Rocket’s ace stops at baseball. So she is unsure about the attention he gives her outside the tunnel while waiting for her friend Maddie’s fiancé and even more so when he asks her to help him find a house.

Jerry, who finds Karen’s smart mouth intriguing, seems to want more than a professional relationship, but Karen, after having her heart torn out by her ex, doesn’t do relationships. The best she can offer is friend with benefits. Jerry, not quite ready to settle down either, is more than happy to oblige, especially when their chemistry in the bedroom hits grand slam proportions.

But despite their original agreement, Jerry wants the intimacy Karen can’t give and to make matters worse, his game isn’t what it once was, which doesn’t escape the notice of his coach and fans. It may take a threat to Jerry’s health and career for these two to finally follow their hearts.

You don’t have to care about sports or baseball to appreciate Shaw’s (The Changeup) contemporary, and just like cheering for the home team on a sunny day at the ball park, readers will be just as enthusiastic about rooting for Karen and Jerry to finally work it out.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | First Look at New Books, May 16, 2014


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