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Cold Blooded by Lisa Jackson

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In Book 2 of Jackson’s New Orleans series, a string of gruesome murders starting in the French Quarter have Detectives Bentz and Montoya questioning if there is a copycat of the priest murders from Jackson’s last book, especially since the killer leaves a saint’s medallion as a calling card.

Clairvoyant Olivia Bechet has been able to predict the last few murders with the visions she sees. She reports these visions to the police, but both Bentz and Montoya believe she is just another nut job or could even somehow connected to the murders. This “gift” which she inherited from her Granny Gin is more of a curse than anything, and she wants to help Bentz locate the killer and put an end to these horrible visions.

Bentz, a widower with a teenage daughter at All Saints college, finds Olivia attractive but regrets giving into his weakness for this beautiful woman when it might jeopardize the case. Hurt by his rejection and concerned about the killer on the loose, she seeks advice from the sexy Father James. James, though, has a history of betrayal and adultery, one that Olivia has yet to learn about, that connects to Detective Bentz. And Olivia soon learns of a dark secret from her own family’s history that might explain her connection to the murders.

Jackson crafts another suspense tale with an intricately woven plot that lines up several potential suspects…reader won’t be sure who they can trust. This is the third book in the series I have read besides Devious and Hot Blooded, and you would think the whole religious angel would get worn after a while, but Jackson keeps it exciting. If you like tales of romantic suspense that take place in New Orleans, you may also want to give Erica Spindler a try.


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