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Aftershock by Jill Sorenson

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Lauren Boyer is a paramedic in San Diego and has just started her shift. As Lauren and her partner drive along the freeway, an earthquake hits. Next thing she knows she is trapped under the freeway and her partner is dead. Knowing there will be many causalities, Lauren maneuvers out of the ambulance and gathers supplies. The first person she encounters is Garrett Wright. Together they work to help the injured and assess the situation. They make base at an RV and are joined by a grandfather and granddaughter, a pregnant teen and two severely injured.

They soon realize that they aren’t alone. There was a van carrying convicts and they have the guard’s gun. Lauren and Garrett must come up with a plan of escape and stop the convicts from harming them and taking all their supplies. But Garrett has a secret and when Lauren finds out, it could ruin all the trust they have built.

I loved this book! It was very suspenseful. It kept my on the edge of my seat waiting to see how they would escape. The next book in the Aftershock series is Freefall.


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