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The Wild Ones by M Leighton

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Cami Hines is home from college when she meets the man who will change her life. She is at Lucky’s bar with the best friend, Jenna, when she is bumped from behind and her beer spills down her shirt. When she turns around to find the culprit, she is speechless. He is the hottest guy she has ever seen. He flirts with her, she blushes. But nothing happens. Basically because her boyfriend, Brent, shows up.

Patrick “Trick” Henley cannot stop thinking about the girl from the bar. When he runs into her again he can’t help but kiss her. Her boyfriend doesn’t like that but she does. The next time they run into each other it is at work. He works with horses at a ranch, which turns out to be Cami’s home.

Cami is conflicted. What she feels for Trick she never felt with Brent. And then there is her father. He warns Trick to stay away from Cami. They try and resist each other but in the end they cannot. But a secret from their parents past may ruin whatever happy ending they deserve.

Another fantastic New Adult book. Normally the POV is the girl’s but in this one the chapters alternated between Cami and Trick. If you love New Adult, definitely check this one out.


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