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Weekends With Daisy by Sharron Kahn Luttrell

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Dog lover and author Luttrell spends more than a year co-training a therapy dog with a local prisoner in her state; every weekend she drives ninety minutes to the prison, bringing the dog, Daisy, home to live temporarily with her family.

In order to help the dog become more socialized to the outside world, Luttrell takes Daisy with her everywhere she goes; the mall, kid’s sporting events, the grocery store. Before long, she finds herself in full-blown “dog love” with Daisy; how she handles her growing attachment to the dog is expressed with heart wrenching grace.

The relationship she forges with Daisy’s prisoner/handler is more complicated, especially when she finds out the reason for his imprisonment. Luttrell also includes information on a therapy dog’s extremely rigorous training; many dogs that start the training don’t finish.

The story is authentic and touching, and will appeal to animal lovers of all stripes.


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