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Gone by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge

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The last time we saw Michael Bennett and his family (I, Michael Bennett), they were being whisked away into witness protection. Now it is eight months later, and they have been relocated to a cattle farm in California. It is a far cry from New York City but the kids are adjusting. Michael not as much. He is relieved when his FBI buddy Emily Parker drops by to ask for help on a case. The case involves Manuel Perrine, the man who escaped Bennett and is the reason they are in witness protection.

Perrine has been executing all of his rivals. From mob bosses to drug lords, no one is safe. Since Bennett is the only one to have ever caught Perrine, the FBI pull him in to help. He isn’t sure at first because he doesn’t want to leave his family but he wants this nightmare to end. He is flown to LA and immediately goes to work with the task force. The trail leads them to Mexico and an unforgettable ending.

I love Michael Bennett. This was another action packed thrill ride. I eagerly await the next installment of the Bennett clan!


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