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Foreplay by Sophie Jordan

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Dartmouth college student Pepper has been pining for the same man since she was twelve. She finally has her chance now that Hunter is newly single. Unfortunately, Pepper doesn’t have much experience under the sheets, so her roommates have the perfect guy in mind to show her the ropes. Enter hot, bad boy bartender Reece, who has seduced his share of customers and is more than happy to tutor Pepper. 

Under his guidance, she learns not only about pleasures in the bedroom but also that there is much more to this man than Pepper originally thought. She discovers herself opening up to him on an emotional level she has never done with anyone, not even her friends. Hunter is the man who will rescue her from her past, but the rare chemistry she only finds with Reece gives her doubts about the one thing she always new to be true.

Best known for her sensual historical romances, Jordan makes a big splash with this first foray into the emerging new adult territory. Readers are along for a pleasurable ride with Pepper in her sexual education, which comes from a hot guy whose attraction goes much deeper than sex. A gratifying story that is also hard to put down, Jordan series starter sets a high bar for new adult.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: Fiction | First Look at New Books, November 1, 2013


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