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Second Honeymoon by James Patterson

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Fortunately we keep this blog because I couldn’t recall if I read Honeymoon and was able to dig up my review. After reading a several dozen Patterson’s, they all sort of meld together, but I do recall that I liked Honeymoon. I guess this is technically a sequel, but being I barely remember the first one, it is safe to say you can definitely skip it and start with Second Honeymoon without missing much.

FBI agent John O’Hara is on leave and required to see a therapist since the release of his wife’s killer has everyone fearing that O’Hara will seek revenge. When the son and wife of a wealthy business magnate are murdered on their Turks and Caicos honeymoon, O’Hara is hired privately by the business magnate himself to track down the killer, which provides a temporary distraction.

Meanwhile, special agent Sarah Brubaker is on the case of a serial murderer who has been offing a men who all have one thing in common: the name John O’Hara. This becomes of great concern in Washington, as the president’s brother-in-law goes by the same name, and naturally he is worried that he will be the killer’s next target.

Sarah is eventually ordered to the home of FBI agent John O’Hara to bring him in and make sure he stays hidden until the killer is caught. Neither Sarah nor John are the type to sit around while a killer is on the loose, so the two join forces to solve both cases. Let’s just say that someone from O’Hara’s past is dead set on revenge.

There was at least one paragraph I had to go back and reread since Patterson and Roughan fooled me the first time around, which speaks to cleverly written plot. I have stopped reading Patterson with the exception of his Michael Bennett series, but even those have been disappointing as of late. However, I am glad to have picked up this one since this page turner was much better than some of his more recent offerings.


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