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Lexicon by Max Barry

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Emily is a runaway, living on the streets and running a three card Monte scam when she comes to the attention of the recruiters of an exclusive school outside of Washington DC. When she gets to the school, she finds that she won’t be learning the usual things, like geometry or history. Instead, the school trains its students in the power of words, and how to use them to manipulate people. Once fully trained, a student becomes a “Poet”, although not in the traditional sense, but instead more like a secret agent, with the power to manipulate people.

When we meet Wil, he’s being ambushed in an airport washroom. His attackers seem to want some information from him, and after unsuccessfully trying to convince them that they’ve got the wrong guy, he makes a break for it. Not sure why he’s on the run, and unsure who to trust, Wil finds himself in the middle of a war between factions of Poets. He learns that everything he remembers about his life is a lie, and the truth is deadly.
Loved this book! There’s action, adventure, intrigue, just a little bit of romance. It’s kind of Matrix-like, in the sense that half the time you may not know what’s going on, but it’s an awesome ride. I think Max Barry just might be my new favorite author!

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