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Trial by Fire by Jo Davis

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Howard Paxton is a firefighter. Responding to a house fire call, the firemen of Station Five arrive on the scene. What they find is a woman coming out of the burning house trying to use a garden hose. Howard takes her to the ambulance and is instantly in lust. But before he can hit on her, a fellow fireman comes out the house and throws up. There is a dead body tied to the bed upstairs.

Kat McKenna is doing her daughterly duty and checking her parents and the neighbor’s houses and collecting mail. They are off on a cruise. But Kat quickly discovers that the neighbor’s house is on fire. She calls 911 and tries to put out the fire with the garden house. Instead she inhales a lot of smoke and meets Howard. It is lust at first sight for both of them. As they start to date, someone from Howard’s past is back and he wants revenge. And the best revenge is destroying Howard’s new love.

This is the first book in the Firefighters of Station Five and I loved it! Hot firemen and steamy scenes, what’s not to love! I will be reading all of Jo Davis’ books.


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