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Surprising Lord Jack by Sally Mackenzie

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Lord Jack Valentine needs to get away from his mother’s matchmaking. He isn’t ready to wed. On his way to London, Jack is forced to stop at the local inn. They always have a room for the Valentines. When he arrives he is informed that his room has been taken but if he wouldn’t mind sharing. Not really caring, Jack heads to his room and falls asleep on the other side of the bed.

Frances Hadley is on a mission. She is determined to get to London and get her dowry so she can leave her horrible aunt and live alone in the country. She cuts her hair short and wears her brother’s clothes and tries to pass herself off as a boy. She ends up stranded at an inn and when she wakes up there is a half dressed man in her room. She panics but continues to pretend to be a boy.

Jack takes pity on the boy and agrees to escort him the rest of the way to London. But eventually Jack realizes that Frances is a woman. He is intrigued and agrees to help her locate her brother. Frances is hesitant to trust Jack but she comes around. And in the process falls in love.

This is the second book in the Duchess of Love series and it was fantastic. I loved the characters and the story. Another great one by Sally Mackenzie!


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