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Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert

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Elle Wasler is sick and tried of given hints to her boss, Nathan, that she is interested and for him not taking action. Now it is time to take matters into her own hands. He lives above the art galley he owns and Elle is going to surprise him in bed. Wearing nothing but lingerie, Elle crawls into bed where she is warmly received. As they get hot and heavy he says something for the first time and Elle realizes that the man  she is about to have sex with isn’t Nathan but a complete stranger. A hot stranger who turned her on more than Nathan does.

Gabe thinks he is dreaming but soon realizes that there really is a woman in his bed. A woman unlike his usual type but who is he to argue. Until she freaks out. She bolts and Gabe goes and wakes his brother, Nathan, up to find out who she is and if Nathan wants her. Because Gabe does.

Elle just wants to forget what happened. But she just can’t stop thinking about him. Of course it doesn’t help that he won’t leave her alone. She finally agrees to go on a date but she can’t get past the fact that he is a bad boy like her ex who humiliated her. But as Elle starts to let him in, she realizes that she might be wrong and that Gabe is really the perfect guy for her.

I enjoyed this book. Elle could be a bit annoying with her trust issues but overall I liked the characters. The next book is about Elle’s brother and best friend, Chasing Mrs. Right.


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