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The Heist by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg

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Now this is the Janet we know and love!  The Heist is a strong starter to what I hope will be the first in a series.  Kate O’Hare is an FBI agent who has spent several years tailing con-artist and one of the FBI’s most wanted, Nick Fox, who is both annoyingly charming and sexy and always seems to escape at the last minute.  He even has the nerve to rub it in by leaving a Toblerone bar in Kate’s hotel room as a final “ha, ha.”

Kate eventually catches Nick in his scheme to steal a rare gem.  However, on his way to his arraignment, Nick convinces the U.S. marshal that he is violently ill and needs to use the restroom.  The marshal finally figures something is up when he hears the same repetitive intestinal sounds and busts the stall door open to find Nick’s shoes and pants, but no Nick.  He is on the lam again.

Kate’s boss wants a fresh perspective and throws her off the case but Kate is determined to apprehend Nick again, with or without the FBI’s approval. She goes rogue and enlists the help of her father, a former military man with experience in espionage, to assist her in landing on the Greek island where she knows Nick is hiding out.  Kate thinks her sudden appearance will be quite the surprise to Nick, but, in fact, Nick has been waiting for her this whole time.

What is even more strange is that the FBI is in on it, and they want to exploit Nick’s criminal mind to track down a Wallstreet exec who fled the country with over half a billion dollars.  This means that Kate will have to team up with Nick and a team of troublemakers to pull off this scam.  Can she keep Nick from taking the money for himself and from also stealing her heart?


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