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Daddy’s Gone a Hunting by Mary Higgins Clark

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Kate Connelly has asked a former employee, Gus, of her family’s furniture company to meet her in the early morning at the warehouse. She needs his help. With what the reader doesn’t find out until later because the warehouse blows up, killing Gus and leaving Kate in a coma. Hannah Connelly, Kate’s sister, has no answers as to why her sister would be meeting Gus early in the morning at the warehouse. But their dad and owner of the company might know why but he isn’t talking.

Mark Sloane is moving to New York from Chicago for a new job. When he was eight his twenty year old sister, Tracey, moved to New York to pursue acting. Two years later she went missing and was never heard from again. Now that Mark is in New York, he wants the case reopened and contacts the original detective. He is now a PI and has never forgotten the case.

Then the cleanup crew at the warehouse discovers a body. It is Tracey. Now there are even more questions. But how is it all connected? And will Kate ever wake up and give some of those answers?

This was a good mystery by MHC. As always there are a million characters but it always works out in the end. I would definitely recommend this one if you are in the mood for a mystery.


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