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Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

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I love this author!  So far, her books have never disappointed me.  Once Burned, the first in the Night Prince series, is another winning story with sexy romance and an interesting plot.  Christine Feehan and J.R. Ward fans should make a Jeaniene Frost book their next read.

Ever since Lelia was accidentally electrocuted in her younger years by a downed power line, she ended with a few special powers.  Not only does her touch shock anyone she touches, but if she touches an object with her right hand, she can see the past, present and future of the person the item belonged to.  Mostly this is more of a curse than a blessing, because through her right hand, she that person’s horrors and sins.

These powers make having an intimate relationship impossible, and because of her freaky abilities, there are not many options for a career, so she ends up joining a traveling circus where meets vampire Marty, a sort of father figure to her.  While practicing her routine on Marty’s trampoline, she is abducted by four thugs who she soon learns are vampires.  They want to exploit  her powers to locate a vampire they are trying to destroy.  Lelia has not choice but to comply with their demands if she hopes to make it out alive.

While locating the vampire, Vlad, and reading his thoughts, she learns that he can also read her thoughts at the same time.  Vlad talks her into trusting him and giving him her location so he can ambush the vampires.  The sexy Vlad shows up guns blazing (literally), since he can light anything on fire.  After destroying all the vampires but one, he brings Leila to his castle in Romania hoping that Leila can help him identify the individual who sent the vampires to kill him.


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